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Aggie was behind Chloe, her meaty fingers pressed tightly around the brunette's throat. She couldn't have smuggled a gun or knife into the prison, but this was more than adequate, because they had taped the girl's nose shut. A square of duct tape was over Kinsley's perfect nostrils. Now the only way she could breath was through her mouth...which was filled with the inmate's cock. With the first errant look from the inmate, Aggie would choke Chloe so effectively that the abused captive would have to open wide if she wanted to stay alive. Sure, it was kind of Russian roulette, but they were willing to risk it since they figured the girl would want a chance to escape once they finished with her here. Only they knew something she didn't know.... But for now, Chloe was on her knees, between the inmate's legs as he sat on the edge of the bed, Aggie "helping" her head and torso move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth the log moving in and out of her slavering, choking mouth. "Ooooo," cooed the inmate, reveling in the sensation of her cool, smooth lips along his shaft. "No wonder you were promoted so fast...!" Aggie smiled at the comment, taking a second to reach down with one hand, and one hand only, to give Chloe's right tit a playful squeeze. "Finally," she whispered, "you're using your mouth for what it was made for!"

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